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Its been over year now.....
Friday December 25, 2009

Dang.. This has been one heck of a crazy year for me, maybe even a little to much. My dad passed away in March, me losing my Sony job the same month as my dad passing away, looking for a job for 4 months, moving a bunch a crap out of my storage unit and to top it off, my ex girl-friend is now living with me, but we aint together.. ugh.. X__X

Now to get to the netty gritty of things.. There has been no production in the game since probably January of this year and I don't know if there will ever be any more..

However! With the recent developments of my ex living with me, I've began to be more "motivated" into doing things I wouldn't normally do, which is probably a sign that I'm still in love with her. Anyways, the point I'm getting to is that I feel really moved to get back into production of the game. It might take a while for me to remember the in and outs of the program I'm using to make the game, but hopefully that won't take long.

I don't know when I'll have an actual real production update, but I'm hoping it will happen this coming January. So check back sometime next month!!

Oh ya... Merry Christmas!!!

Game Production Currently At A Stand Still.. For Now.
Thursday November 20, 2008

Sadly, I haven't done anything for the game since my last update. Lots of poop happening in my life right now. Fear not! I will get back to making the game as soon as things shape up, but until then. This might be the last website update for a while. If I get some game stuff done in the mean time, I will make an update. So keep checking once in a while. Heck, shoot me a message of encouragement, that would help allot! Seriously, it will! Thanks.

Weekly Update... a day late.
Sunday November 2, 2008

I've updated the website a little bit. Changes are listed below.

  • Made brighter buttons to the menu on the left
  • Made the Game banner brighter
  • Added 2 sections; Story and Characters
  • Added a RRR Community link button to the left.
  • Added Google Search to the left to all pages on the site
  • Deleted the About section; it contained the info that went to the Story & Characters sections.
  • Updated the info in the Characters section.
  • Fixed all broken links. (surprising there were a few.)

  • Now for game related stuff. As always the game has been going slow, which ain't knew to me. Though I did find a perfect backstory for one of the main heros, Amanda. I think it is a perfect history for her. You can check that out in the Characters Section.

    On the other hand, I'm having a very hard time making a backstory for the other main hero Stanley. It might be because he lives in the present time and that making it hard. What makes it even harder is that he is suppost to be like a shadow of myself. Thats whats getting me. Do I not know my ownself that well? Thought I did, but maybe I'm mistaken.....

    Anyways, I'm sure I'll figure it out in a day or so. It shouldn't be that hard (a hint a sarcasm right there). I'll try again to make weekly updates or maybe even sooner once I figure my own backstory.

    Before I leave for tonight. I just wanted to say, if your not a member of the RRR Community, I suggest you join! There are great people there including me. So hit the community up! I dare ya!

    It has come to my attention...
    Tuesday October 28, 2008

    It has come to my attention... that I have fan already. He/She visits the site almost every other day. I would like to say hello! Send me a message! Please! You visit the site allot. So let me know what your thoughts are. Ok? Thanks! Oh and to clarify who it is, your from Santa Maria, Brazil. Don't freak out because I know this.. Blam the counter on the bottom left. That world picture thats square.. Ya. I know you wanna poke it.. go ahead.

    Now for game related stuff. I know I haven't made any official updates on the site when I said I would weekly. I don't like giving excuses, but I'm gonna give a truthful excuse. Making this game has not been an easy task at all from the beginning. I feel like I have writers block in a way. I asked my mother about the issues I've been having with it because shes a writer and has had lots of writers block herself. She said that I'm having the issues is because "God" doesn't approve of the game.... Ya. I know it seems far fetched, but it does make some sense. The game will have some mature stuff. Which she feels that I shouldn't do, but to be honest with my ownself, the game wouldn't have that "Diablo" feel to it if I were to make it softcore. If you know what I mean.

    I'll continue to do my best to fight this writers block. I won't make any promises, but I'll try my best to get something out be the end of this week. Peace Out!

    My Life & Game Update!
    Thursday September 18, 2008

    I've decided to add a Google ad to the site. Its nothing much. you'll barely see it. I thought it might help pay for some stuff.

    Now game related. I'm been working very hard.... or as hard as my ADHD mind can do on the game. Between looking for a job and working on the game, more time is going to the game. I've recently had a bit of encouragement from a few friends who I told that they'd be in the game. They were excited. So that helps. I've also had a recent developement with my girl which has also encouraged me to work harder for her. I'm not going to give up! I'm not. I'm gonna see this to the end!

    In a few days, I'll upload a few screenshots of game play. Mostly storyline because the battle system still looks like the VX battle system.

    Screenshot and Download!
    Friday August 29, 2008

    Its been 4 months since I've made my last update. Progress in the game has been slow. Too slow specailly with the announcement of the real Diablo 3... It puts me in a bigger rush to get the game completed. Theres so much to do too! OMG! So much. I've only gotten as for as the first dream... and thats not really far from the beginning of the game....

    Being the only one working on this project, it takes even more of my time. Searching for sounds files, making/editing current graphics. Plus the lose of my true inspiration to make this game doesn't help. I'm more focused on her then the game at times. I wished I still had the "You Can Do!!" from her. Its hard, because shes in the game as one of the heros. But I won't give up. this game have been in the making for to many years for it to fail again! I won't give up!

    I've added a few Screenshots from the game. Added the title screen and made it into a 550 X 446 wallpaper (bigger sizes will come later on.). Also added another main character to the About page. Hopefully more will come soon in the coming weeks. Cheers!!

    PS: I'll also be making the site a bit more graphicly wise "prettier" this week. As you can see, I already have the banner up top uploaded. Thats all for all....I think.. ha ha ha Cheers!"

    Last Minute Update: Got everything uploaded that I wanted changed for the site. Added the sidebar graphics, ESRB Rating, and 2 pages; Old News & Contact. Thats it for now. I'm hitting the hay.

    Friday April 18, 2008

    The Prologue and Chapter 1 are in PDF files now and are ready for download! Just so you know, I was going to put all of Chapter 1 into the PDF, but I slightly changed my mind... only 3 pages of the chapter are included. Mainly to help not spoil the game for you all. Also Chapter 1 is a Draft.. its not Final. So if things don't seem to roll off the tounge in a way, thats why.

    Everything is Up! Almost!
    Thursday April 17, 2008

    Thats right! All pages are up and accounted for! Tho not all information is on the site. Meaning just because there is a downloads page, doesn't mean there are any downloads availible. But fear not! Give me more time and I'll have something up. In the mean time I'm going to put a Check List of things to do first, from top to bottom, on the home page of the site.

    First things first is to upload the Prologue and Chapter 1 of my book that goes along with the game's storyline. That might take a day or two to put things together into a PDF. When they become available, they will be located in the Download Section of the site.

    About The Game & Contact is Up!
    Tuesday April 15, 2008

    I've uploaded the "About the Game & Contact page up to the site. Other links will have no information on them. You can click them if you must, but theres not much to see. But go ahead, click away, I know you wanna. :P

    Oh and if you do want to contact me by clicking the link to the left, it will pop up a new window. So if you have pop-ups blocked on your browser....i guess you get the picture. Cya later!

    It's coming Alive! It's coming Alive!!.... Slowly..
    Monday April 14, 2008

    The Site is coming up slowly... being distracting by the things of life doesn't make it easy. Plus trying to make a game at the same time as making a site for the game, working, and doing online classes doesn't help much. hahaha. Anyways, wish me luck. If anyone reads this... >.>;;

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